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#6688 Jeremy's Article This Morning

Posted by 681jim on 06 December 2016 - 11:56 AM



It has generated a ton of buzz for sure.


People are "fine" with being ranked 16th under some 3-loss teams.


People say, "Well, the Big12 was down this year... Oklahoma got killed by Ohio State and Houston and Oklahoma State lost to Central Michigan." And, these same people are saying, "We got killed by Oklahoma and Oklahoma State!"


All those points are true.


But, I contend with this:


WVU had NOTHING to do with Oklahoma losing to Houston & Ohio State, and had nothing to do with Oklahoma State getting screwed by the MAC officiating crew against CMU.


But, WVU had everything to do with the losses to the Oklahoma schools.


WVU, for the most part, was able to control the things they were supposed to control. WVU swept all 4 Texas schools. (Granted, the Baylor game looked uglier than a co-ed on that same campus). WVU beat an SEC East school Mizzou... not our fault that Mizzou completely crapped itself on the field this season. WVU beat BYU. Not our fault BYU isn't ranked. WVU beat Youngstown State. Beat Kansas. First time ever, beat Kansas State in a comeback... at HOMECOMING!


They say, "Win and the rest will take care of itself."




Not when you have a horribly biased playoff committee that wants only the best teams to rack up Nielsen ratings and generate the most dollars for eSECpn. Not when they contradicted their stance from 2 years ago: You have to win your conference championship game to get in. That's why TCU and/or Baylor got left out. The Big12 didn't have a conference title game. The Big12 is reviving the CCG at JerryWorld. Now, it seems to be a cash-grab by the conference so bottom feeders like Kansas and CRYowa State can stuff their accounts while not finishing better than 8th in the conference year in and year out.


Sorry for the rant, everyone, but I had to get it off my chest. It appears I may have looked like I bounced around in this post, but so be it.


All WVU can do is worry about the things they can control... even in a conference as dysfunctional and disrespected as the Big12 is.



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#8763 Watching & Learning

Posted by 1olewvufan on 01 August 2017 - 07:55 PM

I spend my off time listening to interviews of coaches & players, and searching for practice video. Recently, watched Greir & Chugs throw passes. What caught my attention was they didn't miss, the ball came out quick, and when they threw it deep they didn't have to lean back to launch it. These 2 can throw it deep and I do mean deep with effort. I know Grier is the starter, but if Chugs can get some quality game experience under his belt then all is well. If Grier goes pro after this season, Chugs has a good short being the starter next season, for he is learning from Grier.

Then i was watching RB drills, and there with Trevon Bush, Crawford, Kennedy & Petteway was Brady Watson. Watson may not be a top RB, but look for him to see the field this season.

What gives me the biggest smile is seeing that WV will be well represented on the field this season. Kickers/Punters, LS, FB, TE, and even a few such as Tonkery, Pitts and others on defense. It looks a WV Fr WR may get on the field as well.

I had to chuckle when I heard Dravon Henry-Askew say he and Kazir White were better Safeties than K.J. Dillon & Karl Joseph. He did say it with a chuckle.

I have to tell you, while there may be some question marks, I like this team! I can easily see 10 or more wins, and I'll go out on a limb and say WVU beats Oklahoma this season, and WVU beats VT.

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#8300 New Video Board At Puskar Stadium

Posted by The Sane Hatter on 25 April 2017 - 03:05 PM

Actually there will be some LED sinage on the backside as well with a smaller video board visible from the the Blue Lot.  This is part of the agreement with IMG as they are the ones actually paying for the board as part of their contract with WVU.  It's really nice. 

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#8073 Wvu Ncaa Run

Posted by The Sane Hatter on 19 March 2017 - 10:13 AM

Many underrate the ability and talent on this team.  Charles Barkley and Clark Kellogg repeatedly stated that Notre Dame, which finished 2nd in the ACC, could not guard WVU's players one on one.  When Dax Miles is playing as well as he is and everyone contributes, this team is one of the 4 best in the country.  Had they played to their ability all year, I don't know that they would have lost 2 games but it is a process.  Unlike many schools, this is a true team and the future is certainly bright.  I thought before the season started that the one team that could really beat this group was Villanova but that is no longer a worry.  It will interesting to see if they can maintain and move on over the next two weekends. 


What has me so excited is that I think next years team will be even better than this one. 

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#6779 Jeremy's Article This Morning

Posted by 1olewvufan on 18 December 2016 - 05:42 PM

The Bowl rankings are a joke. Clemson nearly lost 3 other games and should have. Penn State beat Ohio State and won the Big 10 out-right, and yet, they are missing the big dance. WVU being out ranked by teams with 3 and 4 losses is a joke.

This whole scheduling thing proves it is all about the money. This whole thing could backfire should Clemson beat Ohio State. This thing was set up so Ohio State and Alabama would play in the Championship game. Every expects Washington and Clemson to lose. Penn State playing Alabama is probably the better match up, but it won't sell the tickets that an Ohio State vs Alabama game will.

Clemson & Washington State were picked for these are easier wins than having them play a Penn State and an Oklahoma.

I hope this years ranking comes back to bite the committee in the a__ __.

The Big 12, Penn State and WVU have a valid gripe and the committee needs to provide a better response, and establish a set of rules the conferences have to approve. No more of this BS.
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#4906 Holg's Presser

Posted by 681jim on 11 February 2016 - 09:07 AM


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#8642 Next Year

Posted by The Sane Hatter on 16 July 2017 - 08:25 AM

I think the best thing about this young man is he's been in Morgantown for the past two summers, he's very well aware of his defensive deficiencies and his goal it to work on that aspect of his game.  He also understands that when he gets to Morgantown, his role is to play PG and that he will be a COG in the wheel.  I think he's a perfect fit for WVU and Huggs.  And he's not a kid with an academic issue as he will not require a provisional admission.

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#8316 Next Year

Posted by Showmee on 27 April 2017 - 09:51 PM

Well even if you didn't come up with it thanks for spreading the joy of MountainGrier!
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#8170 Bill Snyder

Posted by Showmee on 04 April 2017 - 03:01 PM

Good news. Coach Snyder has completed treatment and is back on the sidelines.
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#8085 Wvu Tourney Run

Posted by Jeremy Simon on 20 March 2017 - 08:37 PM

At the risk of jinxing it, the game against Notre Dame was the most complete game I've seen the Mountaineers play in some time. 

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#7872 Michael Ferns

Posted by markd95 on 23 February 2017 - 11:15 AM

Good point Sane but I think Michael is a better student than football player and made an educated decision for education over football.  I think if an athlete is good enough for a shot in the pros they will choose the pros and delay their education (Oliver Luck) and maybe Branden.  I wish Michael the best of luck and sure he will be successful in his education.  But you never know.  He may pull a Watkins and after being away from football decide that he is not ready to give it up.  

Either way wish Michael the best.


PS:  I think it is a great point that the coaches are in full support of his decision.  I think so many coaches think their program is the only thing of importance.

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#7732 Will He Be Eligible

Posted by The Sane Hatter on 13 February 2017 - 03:25 PM

The NCAA, which is nothing more than an association of over 1200 affiliated institutions bring in an estimated $1 Billion a year in revenue.  When you add the revenue the athletic departments of those 1200+ schools bring in, the total is ~$15 billion.  The point of the NCAA is to divy up that loot while maintaining a proper public image.  They do it under the false pretense that they are doing what is best for the student athletes when nothing could be further from the truth.  While it may be simplistic, if you don't watch South Park, find a way to watch "Crack Baby League."  That says about as much about 'student ath-o-letes' as anything I've seen.  

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#7672 Multiple Coaches Still Without Extensions

Posted by The Sane Hatter on 12 February 2017 - 11:48 AM

A lot of schools like contracts beginning and ending at the same time.  The way around that is to extend a contract to the latest date of a coach under contract (Carrier here) or void remaining contracts and have them all sign new contracts at the same time.  While I have no inside information as to whether that is AD Lyons motivation, it should be noted that Tall, Seider, Mitchell and Crook all signed at the same time in 2015.  That's likely what will happen again. 

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#7283 Icymi: Former Mountaineer Linebacker Has Joined Wilson At Wv State

Posted by Jeremy Simon on 02 February 2017 - 10:08 PM

Only a day after announcing the addition of former Mountaineer RB Quincy Wilson to the WV State football staff, Coach Pennington announced the addition of former WVU LB Reed Williams as well. 


After graduating from WVU Williams spent time in Arizona as a grad assistant for Rich Rodriguez before coming back to WVU as an academic advisor under Holgorsen. 


WV State HC John Pennington was also a Mountaineer, playing WR from 2001-2004. 

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#6183 Ok So Let's Talk...

Posted by The Sane Hatter on 07 October 2016 - 12:58 PM

There's a picture showing us in the top 20 in pass defense. We held KState below 300 yards

That's Team Passing Efficiency Defense and WVU ranks 10th with a rating of 100.37.  Thanks in large part to KSU completing 10 of 30 passes, opponents have completed 47.7% of attempted passes for 909 yards and 4 touchdowns while WVU has 5 interceptions.  


The team passing efficiency of WVU's opponents are Missouri (33), BYU (105) and Kansas State (109).   Youngstown State ranks 16th in the FBS rankings.  

In terms of yards allowed, WVU ranks 65th, allowing 227 yards per game.  Their run defense ranks 93rd nationally giving up 191 yards per game and their total defense ranks 79th, giving up 418 yards per game.  I know that playing in the Big 12 is not conducive to highly ranked defenses but the thing is, WVU has yet to face an explosive offensive.  BYU was ranked 108th when the Mountaineers faced them and Missouri ran 100 plays but was neither cohesive nor effective.  That unit has improved and perhaps the best test from that game was the pace as Missouri ran 100 offensive plays.   


From what I have seen thus far, I do not believe that this WVU defense is a very good defense.  They are short on depth and even though they returned several players with experience, they have yet to put a full game together.  Of course, that is tough to do when you play a "do or die" defense the way WVU does but in the Big 12, sometimes that is all you need.  

I will give them credit for coming up with some timely turnovers and in standing up stiff after some turnovers by the offense and do believe this unit can be good as I have thought that way for months.  I have been most disappointed in the defensive line as that unit brought back the most experience but thus far have not played that way.  Meanwhile, the DB's have played fairly well at times which has been somewhat surprising given the lack of experience.  

It will be interesting to see how this unit stands up to the Texas Tech offense, which is running on all cylinders.  If the defense can pass this test, this may very well wind up being a "special" year but if not, then a loss in Lubbock could begin another late season collapse by the Mountaineers.  

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#5293 Does The Ncaa Ban Of Satellite Camps Affect The Wvu Spring Game?

Posted by Jeremy Simon on 10 April 2016 - 04:00 PM

Not at all, only affects recruiting camps. Traveling practices and spring games are not affected.

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#5032 If The Big 12 Adds New Teams, Who Will It Be And Why?

Posted by TheRealDudeofWV on 15 February 2016 - 10:51 AM

Aaron is wrong on many issues regarding the Big 12. I don't know where to start.

The issue with the Big 12 not having a conference network had everything to do with Texas having LHN with ESPN. ESPN loses $60M each and every year on LHN because of the lack of content. Only 4 schools in the Big 12 make any money from the 1 football game & 3 hoops games they receive as part of their T3 package: Texas, OU, KU and WVU. Everybody in the Big 12 is now interested in a network including Texas as long as the Longhorns receive their $15M per year.

Fox and ESPN are currently in talks over partnering with the B12N. Their ability to reach an agreement is the only remaining barrier.

Why add a Florida school? The same reason why the B1G added football powerhouse Rutgers - cable households with a specific DMA. USF adds 1.8M and UCF adds 1.4M. Add UC and UCONN to that mix and the Big 12 footprint goes from 13M to 25M overnight. A simple caluculstion that doesn't include carriage fees outside the footprint or expenses has B12N at about $35M per school per year.

Why add a Florida school? Why is Michigan holding spring practice there? Exposure. A national reputation is important but so is daily exposure in the local
Markets - TV, newspapers, and Radio. It creates brand awareness.

The B1G is separating itself to some extent because of their network - one reason it's important for the Big 12 to add one - but if you look deeper you see some problems.

The last time I did the calculations was 2014 and the B1G only had 200K more viewers than the Big 12 but had 4 more schools. The B1G also has the population drain and a special admissions problems. Also if you want to have some fun take the B1G's TV ratings and viewership and exclude OSU.
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#4278 Contract Details Of New Coaches

Posted by Woody on 15 January 2016 - 07:06 PM

Well, improvement in team performance especially in the Big XII is the only measurement that counts for me and we will all know soon enough about that. Thanks, Jeremy.
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#4206 Just One More Reason To Love Teyvon Myers

Posted by Jeremy Simon on 13 January 2016 - 10:17 AM

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#3930 Qb Battle Brewing At Wvu?

Posted by Michael Walker on 07 January 2016 - 03:01 PM

After an 8 - 5 season and a bowl win with record passing numbers, some seem to believe Skyler Howard is locked in as the starting QB for 2016. Not so fast, my friends. Big numbers, yes, but the drops were also way down and the receivers were much improved. With two foolish interceptions and another one that was tipped into the hands of a WVU player, a fumble saved by Cody Clay and a completion rate under 60% that is still very average. Those miscues kept ASU in the game.


I only saw three drops by receivers that should have been caught. I saw several passes that were simply very well defended from being thrown in tight coverage while another receiver was open. I saw several more that were simply overthrown or forced. It was not the receivers fault, three gained virtually 100 yds each. 


Howard has improved, and no player plays tougher or tries harder. Howard is a hard working blue collar player that would do or give anything for just a little more talent. He is as good as he can possibly be at all times, but is that good enough to start with higher talent levels waiting in the wings?


Late season injuries to Howard and William Crest gave nearly all of the first string reps in practice to Chris Chugunov for most of two weeks. This was announced at a presser by Coach Holgorsen who said Chugs did "Very, very, well." 


Coach Seider was also asked about Chugunov and he said "Chugunov makes the passes and does it easily. As far as running the offense, he 'gets it'. He also has an even thermostat, which helps." (paraphrased) 


How can you expect Coach Holgorsen to call anyone the starting QB for 2016 before Spring and possibly even Fall camps are over? I don't think he will. Howard will enter Spring practice as the number one QB, but who will come out as number one? Both will improve in the off-season. They will be throwing to the same generous handful of talented, fast and now experienced receivers. May the best man win!

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